Reading CVC Words and Simple Phrases

Are you ready to boost reading skills? Below are links to each section of this video:

00:05 Find the Sounds
02:21 Sound it Out
05:13 Putting it All Together
08:45 CVC Rhyming Words

This video begins with two phonics games to encourage kids to join in. Kick off the learning fun by playing along with “Find the Sounds,” a phonics game to practice phonemic segmentation. Then, Chip the Robot zooms in to play “Sound it Out” and practice oral blending.

Then, get valuable practice reading Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words with a fun music video for the song “Putting at all Together.”

To wrap things up, rhyming couplets of Consonant-Vowel-Consonant words make fun phrases to go along with colorful illustrations. Kids will love reading along with Brad and Chip the Robot.

Phonemic segmentation can be used to help with spelling. It takes a word that learners hear and splits it into its sounds. Students then identify the sounds and think of the letters that go with each sound to spell a word.

Oral blending uses the reverse process: taking the letters in a word, thinking of the sounds that they make, and blending them together to make a word. Both segmentation and blending are important phonics skills to boost reading skills and spelling ability.

Using video as part of a lesson can help students retain more information and develop a better understanding of concepts. This video is useful to introduce the concepts of phonemic segmentation and oral blending. It is also great for daily practice.

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