How To Pass Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment Answers With 100% Correct Score 🎓 July 2020

How To Pass Google Ads Fundamentals Assessment Answers With 100% Correct Score 🎓 July 2020

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When reviewing the Search terms report for one of your client’s campaigns, you notice several terms that aren’t relevant to what they’re advertising. How can you use this information when refining the campaign’s keywords?
How can you see if people are searching for your client’s services during the early morning and evening hours?
An advertiser wants to achieve the top position in paid search results. Which recommendations would improve the likelihood of the advertiser’s ad showing in the top position?
Belinda’s boutique just started carrying 3 new designer labels. She wants to show an image ad announcing the new collections to people who are browsing websites about designer clothing. Which campaign type is a good fit?
When choosing a maximum cost–per–click (max. CPC) bid, you should consider the amount that you make from a purchase because you want to set a bid amount that’s:
Mary’s campaign consistently meets its average daily budget. What should she do to maximize her budget throughout the entire day?
Caleb owns a music store and is creating an ad group for musical instrument rentals. What would be the most appropriate landing page for his ad?
What bidding strategy should Tracy, a pizzeria owner, use to get more people to call her business?
Using the paid & organic report for her travel website, Karen noticed a relatively high organic clicks/query rate for the search query “Hawaii vacations.” What does this mean?
Why would an advertiser use sitelinks?
Which strategy should Giorgio use to increase the number of relevant clicks from his Search Network campaign?
You can use audience targeting to show your ads to:
Nadia manages a local gym and is running an ad to drive more free trial memberships. What could she include in her ad text?
What’s one of the main benefits of using ad extensions?
When someone clicks your ad, the actual amount you’re charged will be:
When creating text ads to advertise a client’s small chain of Italian restaurants, what should you include in the ad text to make it compelling to potential customers?
Your client wants to increase the number of people visiting his website. When analyzing the data for his Search campaign, which metric do you most want to improve?
You would advise a client that’s launching a new product line to advertise on the Display Network because she can:
Data for your client shows that more estimated total conversions are coming from mobile devices versus computers and tablets. How can you use this data to optimize your client’s bidding strategy?
Your ad can show to a potential customers when your targeted language matches:
Target cost-per-acquisition (CPA) bidding can help drive conversions by using your conversion history and:
When reviewing your client’s Search Network campaign, you notice that an ad in one of the ad groups has a lower average position. Which automated bid strategy should you use to help improve the position of these ads?
On the Display Network, your ad is eligible to show on a webpage if your:
What happens as a result of a search campaign consistently meeting its daily budget?
Sally’s Spice Store sells a variety of spices and healthy cooking ingredients. Which targeting method should Sally choose if she wants her ads to show on websites that focus on health, wellness, and home-cooking?
Which campaign type would an advertiser use to target users searching on
What does a high Quality Score indicate?
What happens when a campaign consistently meets its average daily budget?
Tom wants to promote his windshield repair company’s emergency service by reaching people when they’re searching for help. Which campaign type is a good fit?
What value is used to determine whether your ad will show on a page and, if so, the ad’s position?
Clyde wants to raise the profile of his dance school. A “Display Network” campaign can help him:
Laura runs an online store with a large inventory of children’s toys and games. Which ad format would you use for Laura’s campaign to reach people interested in purchasing children’s games?
An advertiser wants to display a text ad that includes extra details like the business’s location and phone number. Which ad format should the advertiser use?
You would choose to advertise on the Search Network if you wanted to:
An advertiser should group their campaigns by:
Which client would you advise to use radius targeting?
Why might you use the “Search Network campaigns with Display opt-in” campaign type?
Data shows that the audience for a client’s running shoe store is women ages 35 to 50. How can you optimize this client’s Display Network campaign based on your research?


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  • Your travel agency client is running a very targeted campaign to reach people who are visiting

    Paris on vacation and don't live in France. What would be an effective way to target this client's customers?

    What changes can you make to the Display Network campaign of a client who wants to drive awareness of her natural beauty brand?

    What is the recommended next step if you noticed from the Search terms report that certain search terms are leading to a high number of clicks on your ads?

    Your client’s campaign is getting a lot of clicks, but the conversion rate is low. Which approach could help improve your client’s conversion rate?

    You can use Keyword Planner to identify:

    Your client noticed last month that his ad often showed up beside another advertiser’s ad for the same search terms. How can you help your client understand how he is performing compared to other advertisers?

    Advertising on TV, print, and radio typically requires a predetermined budget. What key difference with online advertising campaigns allow advertisers to invest with more flexibility?

    Your client's campaign is consistently meeting its average daily budget. What should you do to maximize your client's budget throughout all hours of the day?

    If you'd like your ads to show on certain sites across the Internet, you can add these websites as:

    Which client would you advise to advertise on the Search Network?

    An advertiser wants to increase the Quality Score of a low–performing keyword. Which approach would you recommend?

    How do cost-per-click (CPC) ads compete with cost-per-thousand impressions (CPM) ads on the Display Network?

    Which of the following items is not a component of Quality Score?

    Your client gets more conversions from ads that appear to people in Tokyo. What actions should you take to try and increase the number of conversions for this client?

    Which two bidding strategies can boost brand awareness and recognition? (Choose 2)

    Your client wants to improve her ad position. What would you recommend?

    What's one benefit of creating multiple ad groups?

    How are negative keywords different from other keywords?

    How are rich media ads different from other ad formats?

    An advertiser wants to know if Shopping ads will appear on YouTube. What should you tell her?

    Which targeting option can help you reach people who've previously visited your website?

    An advertiser wants to target people on the Search Network who have previously visited their website. What should they do?

    Research for a client who owns used car dealerships shows that people who visit his website also visit certain popular car blogs. Which targeting method would you use to reach these people?

    By monitoring ad campaign performance, an advertiser may obtain the information needed to:

    Conversion tracking helps you improve the return on investment (ROI) from your online advertising because it:

    Your client is interested in switching from TV, print, and radio advertising. What are the return on investment (ROI) benefits of online advertising campaigns over traditional media advertising?

    Negative keywords can help advertisers better target their ads by:

    All other things being equal, if you've set a maximum cost–per–click (max. CPC) bid of USD $1 for your ads, and if the next most competitive bid is USD $0.50 for the same ad position, what is the actual amount you'd pay for that click?

    While teaching a new account manager how to build a Search campaign, you tell her that she should group similar keywords together in an ad group because it will allow her to:

    You can win a higher ad position in the auction with a lower cost–per–click (CPC) bid by:

    Maria noticed last month that her ad often showed up beside a competitor's ad for the same search terms. How can Maria understand how her performance compares to that of other advertisers?

    Which targeting option should an advertiser use when trying to reach 25-30 year old males?

    What report can help you identify opportunities to improve your keywords and ads?

    Which two metrics help show you how many people found your ad compelling enough to actually click on it and visit your website? (Choose 2)

    How are manual extensions different from automatic extensions?

    You would choose to advertise on the Display Network if you wanted to:

    If you bid $2 for a click and the next highest bid is $1.25, how much will you pay?

    Which of these metrics is especially important to clients who are running a branding campaign?

    When building a keyword list for a Display Network campaign, you should do which of the following:

    In order to appeal to customers on mobile devices, it's important to:

    If you want to direct people to specific pages on your website from your ad, you can create an ad that uses:

    When setting up a Search Network campaign for a client, you want her ad to get as many clicks as possible within her budget. Which bid strategy should you use to achieve this goal?

    Which ad extension would you use for an advertiser who has a chain of local restaurants?

    Higher Quality Scores typically result in:

    What bidding strategy should you use to maximize the number of visitors to your website?

    Which delivery type shows your ads at an even pace throughout the day?

    Your ad can show on the Search Network when someone searches for terms that are similar to your:

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